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What is Story?

We’ve been telling stories for as long as we’ve been talking. Cave painting? That’s a type of story. Now we have lots of types of story. Literally millions. What makes some of them stand out above others? Is it life-like characters? Emotive situations? Luck?

My name is Conor J Bredin, and I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. I am fascinated by story in all its many forms. Novels, short stories, flash fiction, video games, television series, films, plays, radio dramas, podcasts, even table-top role-playing games, have all blown me away at one point or another because of their high-quality stories.

Magic of a Story

This website serves two purposes. One is For Readers. I will be putting up my own stories on a somewhat regular basis so that Readers can enjoy yet another great story. The other purpose is For Writers. I want to help fellow storytellers develop their craft through learning about stories that they wouldn’t necessarily come across, as well as share what I’ve learned about storytelling myself.

I also have a movie review series, and a Dungeons and Dragons recap series too, both of which are just other ways I can find and tell stories!

My Novel!

After nearly two years I finally wrote my own novel! It’s called The Longest Night and you can buy it on Amazon right now!

Here’s a link if you wish to buy it!