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Campaign Diary #5: Wedding Bells and Orcish Hell.

The following is one of my Campaign Diaries, where I recap the latest game of Dungeons and Dragons that my friends and I play. Click here for the Campaign Diaries in order, click here for a “Who’s who” style summary, and click here for a Dungeons and Dragons introduction post!

Image from Klabater’s Game Crossroads Inn

Donat, Dovogholz, Theon, Gryff, Naoise, Necrolas and Reynarín were just about to leave the ruined cellar of Trensendar Manor when Gryff asked Donat if he could see the letter they found earlier. Upon reading it the letter, Gryff realised that there must have been a Ruby Fox Gemstone Key hidden somewhere in the cellar. Dovogholz spoke to Iarno Albrek (The fourth prisoner) and threatened to cut off his pinky finger if he didn’t help. He offered to help. Donat wasn’t too keen on returning trekking through the cellar again and wanted to leave. Naoise rolled her eyes, grabbed the Redbrand man that surrendered and left. Necrolas begged Reynarín to leave with him, but she refused. They agreed to meet in the local inn later on.

Gryff led the way back and they managed to find the Ruby Fox. Theon, Dovo, Reynarín and Gryff left the manor, all the while refusing to take off the manacles around Iarno Albrek’s wrists. They brought him back to the Townmaster’s Hall and received a reward from Sildar Hallwinter, the man who asked them to find him. While there they met Harbin Wester, the current Townmaster, who asked if the party had dispatched of the orcs hiding out in Wyvern Tor yet. The party returned to the inn, decided what to do next, and left again to buy a map from the local trading post.

Once they returned to the Inn, the place was packed with townsfolk, all cheering and drinking. Just as the party were buying some ale for themselves the crowd parted to reveal Naoise, dressed in a wedding dress made of napkins. She screamed with newly wedded bliss, and the Redbrand man, now her husband, looked to be terrified. Then, she clambered up onto his shoulders and used his hair to steer him over to the others. Pointing at them all randomly Naoise challenged them to a “Wedding Chugging competition”. Gryff accepted the challenge as did Reynarín, who never had alcohol before. Naoise downed a tankard (that was the size of her head) in a second, while Gryff spluttered some of the drink through his nose in shock. Reynarín, surprised at the taste of the ale, smiled to herself and fell flat on her back. No sooner had she fallen to the floor did the entire Inn cheer and Naoise screamed with laughter. “Another one for the board!” she called and a man in the corner added another point to a tally on the wall. (Reynarín was the 14th) Necrolas dragged his half-sister upstairs and the party continued.

The next morning Gryff, Theon, Dovo and Reynarín left for Wyvern Tor, the Orc camp. (Donat and Necrolas were way too hungover to move, and Naoise was… it was the day after Naoise wedding alright?)

After a days march and an attack from some Stirges, the group made camp. Gryff and Dovo took first watch and Dovo agreed to teach Gryff Draconic, while Reynarín and Theon took the second watch, when Reynarín sensed something “wrong” with the forest. The next day the group found Wyvern Tor, a cave at a cliff face, and planned an attack. Reynarín cast a spell that would increase Theon’s jumping distance, and Theon would jump into the orc camp and “do the thing”. He tried. He failed.

After a lengthy battle, which included 7 Orcs and one Ogre, the party eventually killed them. Recognising their wounds and their relatively safe location, they decided to stay the night there and wait for the others.

What was the evil that Reynarín sensed?

Why would Gryff need to learn Draconic?

What the hell is Naoise’s husband’s name?!

Find the answers to these questions and more, next time!

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