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Campaign Diary #4: The New Guys!

The following is one of my Campaign Diaries, where I recap the latest game of Dungeons and Dragons that my friends and I play. Click here for the Campaign Diaries in order, click here for a “Who’s who” style summary, and click here for a Dungeons and Dragons introduction post!

The Diary

He’s a what now?!

Dovogholz had just decapitated a man that he, Theon, Sir Donat and Gryff believed was Glasstaff, leader of the Redbrands. However, as soon as Glasstaff’s head left his shoulders, black smoke sloughed off of his body revealing him to be a doppleganger instead.

They examined the room and the body, trying to figure out who this doppleganger was. As a result of their exploring, Sir Donat found a letter. It said:


You are doing well in Albrek’s place. Be sure to keep the Redbrands searching for the entrance to Phandelver. You and your comrade will be well rewarded. Guard the Ruby Fox well, as there are still 3 Gemstone Keys unaccounted for. My spies in Neverwinter inform me that strangers are due in Phandalin. They could be working for the dwarves.

Make sure the other three are kept in the dungeon cellar until I can interrogate them.

Don’t disappoint me.

The Black Spider.

“Well, let’s get out of here and figure out what these Gemstone Keys are,” said Gryff, eager to be in an open area where he’d be better able to use his bow. After hearing that, Dovogholz led the way, finding a secret passage in the walls. The group clambered out of Glasstaff’s chamber, leaving his body behind. They further explored the caverns of Trensendar Manor until they came across a large, long room, lined with coffins on either side. After spotting a door to their right, the group walked through. Dovogholz hung back in the room with the coffins, keeping an eye out for more Redbrands.

A Medieval dungeon, complete with manacles on the wall, a cold stone floor, and an iron gate.
The cold dungeons under Trensendar. Image from Rusty001 on deviantart.

Who are you?

There were two prison cells in the room. One had a man in his forties, who looked exactly like the now dead Glasstaff. He was bound and gagged. The second cell had more interesting inhabitants, however.

A female gnome, female elf, and a male dwarf, all lay bound and gagged on the floor of the second chamber. Interestingly, the gnome was bound in so many chains that it was hard to make out her body at all.

“What do we do with these guys?” asked Theon, knocking the tip of his quarterstaff against the bars of the cage. The elf pleaded for help through her gag, meanwhile the dwarf and human simply rolled their eyes. The gnome couldn’t move.

After debating it for a moment, Theon and Donat argued that the elf woman seemed the least threatening, and so they removed her gag.

“Help us! The Redbrands, they took us all captive! We need to get out of here!”

“Who are you?” asked Donat, raising his sword to her throat.

“My name is Reynarín. The dwarf in the corner is my half-brother Necrolas. We were taken when we tried to stop the Redbrands from attacking someone in our village.”

Gradually, Reynarín talked the group around and was freed. She ran to her half brothers side and freed him too. As he thanked the group, Gryff asked “What about the little one?”

“Her? I don’t know. She was taken in here the day after we were. I think she was trying to rob the place.”

Donat walked over the the gnome. “Is that true?”

A clank of chains rang out as the gnome tried to nod her head.

“Okay… Let’s get them out of here.”

We have a problem!

Meanwhile, Dovogholz was carefully walking over and back to the two entrances of the room, keeping watch. Unfortunately, he didn’t see some magically animated skeletons come to life and sneak up on him. There were seven in total, and they just about got the jump on him.

As he was attacked he shouted at the others “We have serious problems out here! Get -umph!” and was knocked out.

Gryff, Theon, and Sir Donat abandoned the newly released prisoners and ran to Dovogholz’ side. Once they made it in the room they all began to let loose, throwing javelins, firing arrows, and flinging spells. Meanwhile, Reynarín, Necrolas and the gnome (New players joining the game in case you didn’t realise!) gathered their belongings and joined the fray.

Reynarín, it turned out, was a druid. A mystical warrior priestess of nature, she can call forth the elements and change shape to any animal she has seen. Her half brother, Necrolas, was a bard. Using his lute and voice, he can change reality ever so slightly, damaging foes and helping allies. Finally the gnome rushed from between Theon’s legs and fired a crossbow, before disappearing into the shadows of the room. So she must be a rogue.

A strange proposal.

The newly formed group fought their way through the skeletons, which they found very difficult until Theon used the spell Thunderwave. Unfortunately Theon didn’t know it would hurt his allies, so he ended up hurting as many friends as he did foes. Luckily, everyone survived.

Next, the group had to find a way out of Trensendar. They continued down a passageway until they saw the main entryway. Before leaving however, they found another room where three more Redbrands were about to go to sleep. Naoise sneaked in… Naoise snuck in… Naoise got in without being seen and signalled to the others when to attack. Two out of the three Redbrands died almost instantly, while the third surrendered straight after.

“Please! PLEASE! Spare me!”

“Will ya marry me?!” shouted Naoise, her hand crossbow pointed at the man’s head.



And with that, Naoise began engaged.

How will this new group get on with the original four?

What does the Black Spider want?

Where will Naoise have her wedding reception?!

Find out the answers to these and more, next time!

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